One on One Mindfulness with Cecilia

These are one on one individual session where you will be guided through an 8 week mindfulness course. This will involve developing mindfulness through specific mindfulness exercises, teaching which provides context to how these tricky brains of ours that can get us caught in unease and dissatisfaction in our daily lives. These sessions are interactive and the learning can be adapted to your own specific requirements.

It may be one on one sessions are more convenient for you, or that you would rather to learn the skills of mindfulness outside of the group format, these one on one sessions are a great opportunity to develop the skills of mindfulness with an experienced teacher.

It is important that if you are considering undertaking a mindfulness course, whether in a group environment or via these one on one sessions, that the timing is right for you. In addition to the actual sessions, there will be approximately 20/30 minutes of mindfulness practices to be incorporated daily while you are undertaking the course. As you will learn, mindfulness is not something which we can pick up when life throws challenges our way, so it is essential that you can make some commitment to daily practice. It is useful to think of daily practice as allowing you to develop your muscle of attention. The benefits in the long run will become obvious to you as you learn to incorporate living your life with awareness.

If you would like to discuss if these individual mindfulness sessions are more suitable to you at this time, contact Cecilia.