Mindfulness at Work

One of the most useful benefits of mindfulness is how you can integrate it into all aspects of your life. And this includes your working life. Companies have become increasingly aware of the importance of ensuring that their employees’ emotional and psychological health is as important as their physical health.

Mindfulness can be skilfully incorporated into your employee’s working day, offering benefits to both the employee and employer, some of which are listed below.

  • Increased work satisfaction, leading to increased morale and less employee turn-over.
  • Greater resilience to some of the stresses and demands of the work environment.
  • Increased awareness of how negativity and low morale can impact on an employee’s day, providing practical solutions on finding greater job satisfaction.
  • Ensuring that employee well-being is seen as high priority in any organisation will ensure that companies can attract a workforce of engaged employees.

Cecilia offers bespoke workshops to companies, ranging from one hour introductory talks on mindfulness, workshops of various lengths, to condensed mindfulness courses delivered over a 6 weekly period.

Contact Cecilia to discuss your own company requirements and how mindfulness can ensure an engaged and happy workplace.