About Cecilia

Cecilia undertakes regular supervision and adheres to the ethical guidelines of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland (MTAI).

Cecilia is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and has a Masters (Honours) in Mindfulness Based Teaching Approaches from Bangor University in Wales. Her training is recognised by the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland who ensure the highest standard of teaching and ethics.

Cecilia has been teaching Mindfulness courses and delivering bespoke mindfulness packages to the corporate sector for over 5 years. She has worked with clients who have had clinical diagnosis of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fibromologia, cancer, addiction and members of the general public who do not have a clinical diagnosis but nonetheless are experiencing the strain of modern living.

She has also worked with many large multinational companies, public bodies and voluntary organisations in the delivery of bespoke mindfulness packages.

Her professional background is in the corporate sector so she has first hand experience of the demands of this highly competitive environment.

She has a long personal interest in mindfulness and attended her first mindfulness retreat in India over 17 years ago. She integrated this long personal interest into her professional life when she completed a Masters in Mindfulness Based Approaches in Bangor Univesity in Wales (2012-2017). Bangor is one of the leading teacher training establishments in both the UK & Ireland. In 2017 she won a bursary to attend the Oxford Summer School in Oxford University, following her work for cancer support services for those living and affected by cancer.

She has a strong personal mindfulness and yoga practice and regularly attends mindfulness retreats and workshop, many of which are led by leading pioneers in the field.
Her teaching style is warm, inclusive ensuring a safe place for learning, enquiring and challenging the practices that she offers.
Cecilia also has a particular interest in compassion and its’ role within the mindfulness field. She has taken additional training in self-compassion under one of the foremost teachers of this discipline in Ireland. Compassion and self-compassion are therefore important components of any of the work that Cecilia offers to both individuals, groups and employee wellbeing programmes.
Cecilia is passionate about the benefits that mindfulness can offer to individuals as each person navigates this life from early childhood, adolescence, young to middle aged and old age. She is eager to offer these benefits to others.

Cecilia Shefflin 087 290 7550